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Jumat, 10 Juni 2011

Myob Premier Accounting

Is Myob premier accounting the best option for your business? That's a good question. If you like spending a ton of money on your accounting software then it might be for you. However there is a host of Free Online Accounting Websites that offer everything you could imagine to keep your taxes in order. If you are a small or medium sized business looking for accounting software, you now have several options to choose from, including the sites that offer the accounting software on their secure servers.

MYOB premier accounting software has a large market share in the Australian, New Zealand and United Kingdom markets and now has successfully moved into the U.S.A market. 

The over the counter software like the myob premier accounting software, quickbooks and the ton of other software programs that you could buy from your local computer store isn't the only accounting software solution for your business these days.

The days of reading all the complicated instructions for the software that you buy at the store are behind you. With the emegence of the online accounting sites, the whole process has become so much easier.

What I like the best is the fact that by using these free sites you free up a ton of space on your company's hard drive. These Free Online Accounting Sites are all operated on secure password protected servers so you can rest assured that your information is safe and secure. It's nice not having to constantly do backups and save your information, it's automatically done for you on these sites.

The free online accounting sites have all the features of the software like MYOB Premier Accounting and quickbook 2008, quickbook 2009, quickbook web, quickbook web connect, nola pro and the rest of the over the counter accounting software that you can buy.

With the Free Easy Online Accounting Service for managing your small business accounts on-line. This Free Online Accounting Service is an easy way to keep your accounts online with reliable and secured data transfer. With easy forms for invoicing, purchase and bank reconciliation it is easy to maintain your accounts. 

You can avail your free online service from anywhere in this world and keep in touch with your business. These free online accounting sites have lots of free reports which would help you to track your business online and it's even easier as reports are customizable.

These free online accounting services for small business provide easy forms to setup Customer, Vendor, Company preferences and Bank accounts. It also gives you full free access on your chart of accounts as you can add, edit and delete your own accounts for managing your business more freely.

So if you just like spending money then myob premier accounting is for you, but if you like saving money and getting the same features as the myob premier accounting then you will love the free online accounting sites

Top 5 Accounting Software for Small Business

Myob Premier Accounting Home - Myob Premier Accounting1) Intuit QuickBooks Accounting Software 

Quickbooks is a popular full featured accounting and payroll program designed for small businesses - or, I should say, a small business accounting software series. QuickBooks is available in Basic, Online, Pro, and Premier editions; the Pro Edition of this accounting program includes management tools such as a Vehicle Mileage Tracker and a Cash Flow Projector.

2) Simply Accounting Accounting Software

Full featured accounting and payroll package with all the features and reports any small business needs, including Internet and e-commerce features. This small business accounting software's data entry screens resemble their paper counterparts, and the screen tips and drag and drop functionality make the accounting program easy to learn. Professional versions include a time and billing module. Comes multi-user ready.

3) MYOB Plus Accounting Software 

A double entry small business accounting software system with a user-friendly interface and over 100 financial and management reports. Includes a Professional Time Billing Module that is ideal for service businesses and the Officelink feature allows direct one click access to MS Word and Excel. Comes multi-user ready; just purchase an additional workstation license for each additional accounting program user.

4) Peachtree Complete Accounting Software

The Complete version of this small business accounting software program includes over 125 reports and features such as in-depth inventory, time and billing and job costing. The accounting program comes multi-user ready and "value packs" for 3 or more users are available. Peachtree accounting software is also available in Premium and First Accounting versions

5) Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 

The big selling feature of this small business accounting software is integration – and that’s a pretty big selling feature if you’re already using Microsoft Office. Being able to reuse data already entered into Excel or Outlook is a really useful feature and the integration with the Business Contact Manager makes it easy to stay on top of accounts. A slate of add- 
on services ranges from online payroll through PayPal invoicing 

Frequently Asked Questions - Chart of Accounts
Myob Premier Accounting Home - Myob Premier AccountingQ. I seem to have a lot of Expense codes that are very similar like postage, stamps and stationery that I don't need to account separately for - can I group them together without having to change each ones code? 
A.Yes you can if you have MYOB Premier V 10 or Accounting V16 or later.Open up your Accounts List and at the bottom you will see an option to "Combine Accounts".None of your transactions will be lost just transferred.Click on the primary account code you wish to transfer the transactions to and then "Combine Accounts".When you remove the transactions from the secondary account to the primary account, the secondary account will be deleted. 
Q.I don't really understand my Chart of Accounts.Why are there so many and how do I know if I'm using the correct ones? 
A.O.K. this is more of an Accounting question than a MYOB question but I will try and explain it simply.MYOB is a fully integrated accounting program which has linked accounts that you would of seen when looking at your Accounts List. There are Balance Sheet account codes and Profit and Loss account codes.The Balance Sheet codes include Assets 1-0000, Liabilities 2-0000 and Equity 3-0000 account codes.The Profit and Loss codes include Sales 4-0000, Cost of Sales 5-0000 and Expense 6-0000 codes. Primarily you should be entering transactions using the Profit and Loss codes as they link to the Balance Sheet codes automatically.For example, when you enter a Sales code 4-0000 this automatically links to a Balance Sheet code in Assets 1-0000 normally called Trade Debtors.The Balance Sheet refers to the ongoing financial status of a company or business including liabilities such as loans, current assets like a vehicle purchase and equity maybe introduced from shareholders.I would caution you in using any Balance Sheet codes for general business transactions as all transactions should be entered using the Profit and Loss codes.Should you need to add an Asset, Liability or Equity code to a transaction, it would be pertinent to contact your Accountant first to see if this is correct. 
Q.I have customers and suppliers that I use the same account code for every transaction but I still have to scroll down my chart of accounts listto find their code every time.Is there a way that MYOB will recognize the code I need to use without me having to scroll down to find it? 
A.Yes there is.If you go to your Suppliers Card File Profile and click on the tab "Buying Details" you have the option to enter an "Expense Code" that will default to that code when you enter their details in the Purchase window of MYOB. The same applies to your Customers Card File Profile where you click on the tab "Selling Details" and enter the "Income Account" code that applies to their reoccurring Sales code.If occasionally your Supplier or Customer offers a different service and therefore requires a different code, you simply type over the default Account Code in your transaction window. See Myob Premier Accounting.

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