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Photobucket Disini kalian dapat merequest Software, Game, Pembuatan gambar 3dimensi AUTOCAD dan ANIMASI 3DSMAX ataupun Share Solution of Computer

Senin, 21 Februari 2011

Naruto_Ninja Destiny

Naruto: Ninja Destiny is a shadow clone of a shadow clone, namely, the Naruto: Clash of Ninja fighting games. Whereas those console fighters were a little better than average, Ninja Destiny offers considerably less. For $30, you get a game as bare and skinny as the sexy jutsu. If you're a young Naruto fan you'll probably eat it up, but anyone else will find this game way too shallow to take seriously.

Sabtu, 19 Februari 2011

Windows XP SP3 (2011) v 11.02 Full [Mediafire]

System: Windows XP Professional SP3 Original MSDN
Date: 20.01.2011
Activation: Already activated
Install method: Unattended, Bootable, Fast
File format: ISO
Size: 697 MB
Free Space Needed in C: 3 GB

Rougue Warrior (2009) PC Game [Mediafire]

Hot days of the Cold War. Government conspiracies, secret weapons and the stakes higher than life - all this awaits you in the famously twisted political blockbuster Rogue Warrior by Richard Marcinko nicknamed Demo Dick in the lead role. This - not a fictional character, but the real party to the hostilities.


Trapped Dead (2011) PC Game [Mediafire]

Our story takes place in the early 80s in a small town names Hedge Hillnear Kansas City, Missouri. The sowing of a new genetically modifiedtype of corn caused the existence of a new virus which mutated throughthe natural food chain. A dog bite of an infected animal caused a localoutbreak of the virus which rapidly infected the inhabitants of theidyllic provincial town. Mike and Gerald, two college boys, are throwninto the middle of a terrifying horror scenario. Having pulled over toa gas station near Hedge Hill during what was meant to be an enjoyableroad trip, they are unaware of the virus which has already reached thegasstation and its staff.

Crysis 2 Beta (2011), PC Game [Mediafire]

The world was shocked with a series of environmental disasters, and mankind is on the verge of extinction. Aliens have returned, determined to wipe people off the face of the earth and started at the same time with one of the most iconic cities of the earth.
New York streets flooded with alien invaders, and the wave of the walking nightmares gradually engulfing the city and its inhabitants. Urban communication systems are destroyed, the buildings are in ruins. This New York City you've ever seen.

Rabu, 16 Februari 2011

Pembuat database penyimpanan biodata dengan visual basic

Ok..Sekarang ini gue coba membuat suatu program database dgn visual basic.
dimana posting ini membahas bagaimana cara membuat database penyimpanan biodata dengan biodata..
Jadi kalian bisa menyimpan atau mengarsipkan biodata seseorang dgn visual basic

Pembuatan DATABASE sekolah dgn VISUAL BASIC dan MS ACCES

Sudah lama ga otak atik internet..
akhirnya... maen lagi internet...
kangen juga maen blogger..
Ok..Sekarang ini gue coba membuat suatu program database dgn visual basic.
dimana posting ini membahas bagaimana cara membuat database sekolah dgn visual basic dan ms acces..