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Selasa, 05 April 2011

War Inc. Battle Zone (2011/ENG/BETA)

War Inc. Battle Zone (2011/ENG/BETA)

Developer: Online Warmongers
Publisher: Arktos Entertainment Group
Platform: PC
Publication Type: Beta
Language: English
Tablet: Register
Size: 983 MB

War Inc Battle Zone - a new free online shooter category of AAA quality. If you're tired of the shootings in small corridors and pixel art, then this toy is just for you. Large open spaces, interesting graphics and seting the level of the best online action games! The game's plot is set in 2012, where the economic crisis still raging and the world is ruled by military groups and mercenaries.
Official site:

Key features:
* Maps - when you start playing some free maps available from small cards to 8 players to entire neighborhoods where the face can be as much as 64 fighter. (What you need!)
* Game modes - on the stage start of the project will be available 3 standard mode Conquest Siege and Team Deathmatch. I think the paint, what kind of modes is not necessary, and so everything is clear.
* System Configuration appearance of the character - everything from color, such as armor, weapons, and washes, as well as camouflage and boots will be configured so that a unique character quite a force.
* Fully customizable weapons - assault rifles, submachine gun, light machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, make a list of * main weapon. Guns and missiles is a list of secondary weapons. Edged weapons, hand grenades, booby traps and mines complete package of personal gear ... And all this can be improved with additional perks.
* The system of skills - ability to heal, or hold your breath, throw away a grenade, quick recharge it all you can pump.
* The rating system and achievements - the game will be a global system of statistics of your krutezny. Also assume for the murder of a sniper rifle for the battle more than 10 people you get the achievement "Eagle Eye"
* The system of clans - you can combine with their friends. Create your own logo, a page on the Internet and general statistics.

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Processor: Pentium ® 4 3.0 Hz
Memory: 1GB
Video: Video card with 256MB memory
Sound card: compatible with DirectX ®
Free hard disk space: 2GB

1. Regestriruemsya on
2. Reaffirm the regular.
3. Come on and poke at the big button "Get My Key"
4. Introduce the characters from the image and get the key.
5. We go to https: / / / home.php and Regal ACC using the key.

War Inc. Battle Zone (2011/ENG/BETA)
War Inc. Battle Zone (2011/ENG/BETA)
War Inc. Battle Zone (2011/ENG/BETA)




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