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Selasa, 18 Januari 2011

how to Check broken links of your blog or website

Please keep the number of broken links and 404 errors on your site or blog   minimum, or none if possible says google and most of the webmaster tool broken links. The basic idea is to help the robots index content more efficiently from websites .
Broken links affect website pages containing them,while search engine robots crawl or index pages,the broken links make certain web page poor,and poor pages are most probably not indexed by search engine robots.
so here tutorial how to find broken links of your blog
  • Type in your web page url and click on find broken links button
  • After that it will start checking all of your web pages and within a couple of minutes it will show you a list of all of your broken links info which page the broken link is found,to check that page click on url link in front of the found.Click on url link to see the web pages where broken links were
  • Remove or correct all broken links by visiting the pages one by one
That’s it i hopely this will help you to Check broken links of your blog or website

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