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Selasa, 18 Januari 2011

How to Backup Facebook [4 best tools for backup facebook]

Facebook or another?Facebook, the most popular social network, is also a huge repository of personal data. There are messages, photos, pictures and much more uploaded by the users. And you stand to lose all of it if your Facebook account gets disabled (yes, it does happen).

so here best 4 utility for backup Facebook
  • How to backup Facebook photo albums
Whether you’re trying to backup your own albums, or trying to easily grab a friend’s album for offline viewing, FacePAD is a Firefox addon which allows you to download entire Facebook albums with a click of a button. You can also do this for fan pages and event pages as well.

How to backup Facebook to the cloud

Backupify is an amazing service which caters to backing up multiple services – Facebook being one of them. Using Facebook connect, Backupify will regularly save all your photos, friends lists, events, links, notes, and statuses to the cloud. The free version of Backupify can handle up to 2GB of storage.Amazon server and their privacy policy clearly states that any data you store on Backupify is yours, and they claim no right to it, nor do they look, sell, nor analyze it. Also, if you’re extra conscious about safety, it can allow you to hook up your own S3 Amazon server instead of using theirs.

How to backup Facebook to your hard disk

Fancy recreating Facebook on your laotop? ArchiveFacebook is a Firefox addon which allows you to save content from Facebook directly to your hard drive and view them exactly the same way you currently view them on Facebook. It does take some time to process though, because it will try to do a full-backup everytime – but it’s still very comprehensive, and extremely useful.
  • SocialSafe offers Facebook ‘backup’ solution
Stepping in to solve this problem is SocialSafe. This Adobe Air app from a British team has the sole purpose of backing up your Facebook photos, address book and profile information. Accessing your account via Facebook Connect, it’s fast and effective at copying all the data to your local storage.

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